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CHOiCE Recovery Coaching, Inc.
155 Maple St, Suite 403
Springfield, MA 01105

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Individually, Recovery Coach Supervision can:"
    • guide you in creating an appropriate support structure for yourself and your recoverees that best meets your personal values and style; • provide guidance to successfully support the recovery process in a healthy fashion including the engagement of recoverees, creation of boundaries, addressing crisis, maintaining a strengths based approach, transitioning through the stages of change, confidentiality, role-clarity and self-care; • oversee the recoveree’s progress; • increase your capacities as a coach; • further advance recovery capital for you as well as your recoveree, • create reassurance of the work you’re doing and the mindset behind it; • guide you in the collaboration with your recoverees, your agency as well as other professionals, agencies and people in the community; • encourage you in fostering your desired work / life balance; • advocate for you with your agency as well as other agencies, professionals and people in the community; and • facilitate and guide you in the state certification of your Certified Addictions Recovery Coach Credential.
  • Organizationally, Recovery Coach Supervision can:"
    • provide Peer Supervision for recovery coaches where a peer model does not exist within the organization’s scope of practice; • assist in the proper matching of coach and recoveree; • create supportive structures for the coaches to work within; • guide coaches in working within provided structures; • advocate for you with coaches, other agencies as well as the community; • effectively implement and oversee peer recovery coaches in your organization; • train appropriate individuals in your organization to become and work as peer recovery coaches; • support your organization in creating a culture of recovery; and • provide invaluable support to your participants while bringing unprecedented value to your organization
  • Building Capacity
    Do you have a recovery support program within your agency organization that is having challenges in doing this work? Maybe the peer needs additional support to do this while surrounded by a largely clinical organization. Maybe the organization is unclear about the role and how it integrates with the other roles within the organization. Either way, Choice Recovery Coaching can support you in assessing what is being done in comparison with what you’re looking to do and align the services with your mission statement and vision. This will make for more efficient and effective service provision that will maximize everyone’s efforts while providing a more robust experience for the individuals served. Want to: sharpen your coaches’ skillsets? grow participant engagement? improve wellness outcomes? increase program longevity and sustainability? increase your visibility within the Communities you serve?
Choice Recovery Coaching can help you work towards becoming
a Recovery Oriented System of Care.
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