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Buttoning up 2022

The end of the year is always a little melancholy, usually with reminiscence of the year past and how fast it went...a little weird, there's usually something that went down somewhere along this year's journey...did that actually happen?...and lots of excitement at the same time as we look into the next year!

One of our highlights for this year was the completion of our new Peer Supervision curriculum that Jim Higgins and myself created that we got to share with the Community Health Centers; thanx to the nice people at the MassLeague. We are incredibly grateful for all of the partnerships that have developed this year, whether it was directly with us or all of the friends you made and learned from in our workshops.

Looks like Recovery Coaching is here to stay as more and more Federal, as well as State, programs are requiring peers to be part of people's wellness journey!

We're both excited and humbled to be able to support you in your recovery journeys as well! What has been a highlight for you? You can share with us on our page at

As the year winds down, we have a few new offerings to share with you...

Date: Dec 14, 2022

Total of 1 session

Date: Dec 15, 2022

Total of 1 session

Date: Dec 16, 2022

Total of 1 session


Storytelling for the Recovery Workforce.

Date: Dec 12 & 13, 2022

Total of 2 sessions

Going to see your loved ones this Season?

-Here's a little support focused on Parents in Recovery.

-Adult Children's perspectives on Parents in Recovery.

Thank you all for Championing Recovery!

HaPPy HoLiDaZe !

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