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Independence and Recovery

We are at the halfway point for this year. Our independence continues to be challenged as power dynamics shift. From country to country, state to state, community to community and person to person, power dynamics are seldom equal while inequities continue soaring. Leads many of us to think and re-think purpose. What is it that we're doing here, and why?

History often repeats itself and that's not always a good thing. What stories do we want to carry forward to support our loved ones and communities?

Here is a talk, "The Power of Sharing History Through Story-Telling ! " from Dan Nanamkin, who is an Indigenous Educator from the Colville Indian Tribe from the Seattle, WA area.


We have a few trainings that can support you and your community in creating the greatest Recovery and Wellness you desire so that you can be as independent as you truly wish to be.

CCAR Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaching©

Dates: Jul 13, 2022 - Jul 15, 2022

Total of 3 classes

This training provides 3 CEUs

Addictions 101

Dates: Jul 19, 2022 - Jul 20, 2022

Total of 2 classes

This training provides 5 CEUs

Exploring Cultural Competency for Recovery Coaching

Date: Jul 21, 2022

Total of 1 class

This training provides 3 CEUs.

Mental Wellness and Recovery Coaching

Date: Jul 26, 2022

Total of 1 class

This training provides 3 CEUs.

Motivational Interviewing for Recovery Coaching

Date: Jul 27, 2022

Total of 1 sessions

This training provides 3 CEUs.

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy©

Bilingual participants encouraged

Dates: Jul 30, 2022 - Aug 27, 2022

Total of 5 classes

This training provides 30 CEUs.

Do YOU or someone you know want support with their Recovery?

We can provide you with a Coach at NO COST. Contact US! See information Below for more information.

FREE Support Flyer for Posting 05 03 22 (2) (1)
Download PDF • 192KB


On Saturday, July 9th. Dr Thulani Demarsay will be offering FREE virtual presentations to the community; The Brain in Recovery and Mindfulness for Better Brain Health.

Much Recovery and a HaPPy SuMMeRtiMe to YOU!


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