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More Change Comes Around the Corner

Hello Everyone!

Just when we begin getting accustomed to change,

more change comes around the corner.

As soon as we are getting into the Fall,

November is here and it still feels like April or May!

In walking around Forest Park today in Western MA, the pond shines and reflects. At times it may seem like a given, and as we get closer, we start recognizing that it reflects back whatever it is we present to it as well as how it is done. So at the end of the day, can we be more intentional with what we want to see in our reflections?


At CHOiCE Recovery Coaching, that is something that we attempt to address on a daily basis. Gratefully, we've run across some peers and recovery champions who have partnered with us on the way so that we too have support to be the best we can be.

We have recently completed the Parent Recovery Engagement Training (PaREnT) Program, with the Worcester Community Program for Addiction Recovery (CPAR) and the Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery (MOAR), which is a SAMHSA funded program that trains Recovery Coaches with lived experience with the DCF and Criminal Justice Systems to work with individuals with current involvement in said systems.

We have recently received two (2) grants from RiZE Massachusetts

in order to develop 1) training for Recovery Coaches who are working towards becoming Recovery Coach Supervisors, and 2) a training for Recovery Coaches to better support individuals who also have mental health challenges as well. It will be a year-long program which will facilitate Recovery for Participants, Recovery Orientation for Agencies and their communities, as well as the recertification of

Recovery Coaches across the Commonwealth.

Look out for these trainings to roll out around Springtime!


Meanwhile, see below for a few offerings for Recovery Coaches and Communities seeking recovery alike!




We hope to cross paths with you sooner than later.

Thank you all for Championing Recovery!



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