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NO FOOLS April Newsletter

Happy Springtime Everyone!

The birds are out singing! And COVID 19 is gone (or is it?). It's been a hard few weeks. We have lost various friends and family in the last month. Unfortunately, I know that we're not the only ones, for even stars fall.

Whether we violate ourselves or others, we've all been there in one form or another. How can you let go of the need to be someone, somewhere or something else? In the play Hamlet, Shakespeare said, "To thine own self be true."

We have a few trainings coming up that can help you help yourself as well as others do just this.

Addictions 101 Starts Apr 21

Mental Wellness and Recovery Coaching Starts Apr 29

Bilingual participants encouraged

Motivational Interviewing for Recovery Coaching Starts May 5

Do you know anyone who would like support around their recovery? We have space for 12-16 individuals, from anywhere within the Commonwealth, to connect with a recovery coach for 90 days, at no cost to the individual. The ONLY requirement is a desire to be a little better today than they were yesterday. We will support them in being what they want, where they want as well as who they WANT to be. Feel free to contact us with any questions, to just say hello, or simply have them call 413-272-8520 at any time.

We are grateful for our partners at Advocates for Human Potential and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission for their belief that recovery is a reality.

Also, here are some OPPORTUNITIES for recovery coaches as well as some clinical colleagues in the links below.

Recovery Coach Position

CRC RC Job Description
Download DOCX • 62KB

CT-FCS Licensed Clinicians

4-4-2022- Licensed clinicians -final
Download PDF • 97KB

Worcester County DA Recovery Coach

DA Recovery Coach 2022
Download PDF • 133KB

CCBHC Recovery Coach

Download DOCX • 15KB

Peer Recovery Support Coordinator Position (2)

Potential loan repayment opportunity for those working in Recovery through the Massachusetts State Loan Repayment Program. To access the application, please click here.

At Choice Recovery Coaching, we would like to remind you that there is a HERO inside of all of us. Sending you a little peace for your day here.

Thank you


Championing Recovery!



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