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Recovery Heroes and YOU

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to you from St Paul, MN where I'm at the Faces and Voices of Recovery Leadership Summit. As we have wound up Recovery Month, think for a moment about all of the individuals who paved the path for us to be here today, who have provided us the ability to do this work that we do, and who champion it no matter what. Give them a moment of your thoughts and feel your spirits rise.

Who is your Recovery Hero?

At the Summit, a few Recovery Heroes were honored

for their lifetime achievements:

Tom Hedrick 1948-2020 Founded a Parent to Parent Coaching Program

Marc Johnigan 1969- 2021 Founded the Twin Cities Recovery Social Club

Paul Molloy 1939-2022 Founder of the Oxford House

This month, we are in the middle of our new Supervision for the

Peer Recovery Workforce Training Pilot which has 18 of our State's finest Recovery Coach Supervisors and Supervisors to be. Thank you for your contributions to building the Recovery Coach Workforce!

In our Parent Recovery Engagement Training (PAREnT) which is funded by SAMHSA in partnership with our friends at MOAR, we are working with Coaches who work in the DCF and Criminal Justice settings.

Thank you all for your energy, motivation and spirit in doing this work!


Here are our available workshops.:

Beyond the Call: Recovery Wellness Theory, Practice and Healing for Front Line Workers Dates: Nov 17, & Nov 18, 2022 Total of 2 sessions

Ethics for the Recovery Workforce Dates: Nov 28, & Nov 29, 2022 Total of 2 sessions

Infinite Pathways of Recovery Dates: Dec 5, & Dec 6, 2022 Total of 2 sessions

Addictions 101 Dates: Dec 8, & Dec 9, 2022 Total of 2 sessions

Exploring Cultural Competency Date: Dec 14, 2022 Total of 1 session

Mental Wellness Date: Dec 15, 2022 Total of 1 session

Motivational Interviewing Date: Dec 16, 2022 Total of 1 session


Watch 16 year old Shane Hawkins honor his father, Taylor Hawkins (the drummer for the rock band the Foo Fighters), who passed away earlier this year after a fatal overdose, sit behind the drums at a packed Wembley Stadium playing "My Hero".

Much Recovery to you aLL! Please, pass it on... 🙏 pAUL aLVES - Founder, RCP, CARC, NCPRSS

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