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Trainings and NO COST Recovery Coaching to take you through your next Halfway to Everywhere!

Take the next step into the next half of your week,

of the month, of the year, of your Life!

Hug your friend, hug your dog, hug your mom, hug your dad, hug your brothers and your sisters and do it as soon as you can. Don't wait! That next moment might not show up as we think. What do you have to do to step forth in your path or in supporting others' paths of Recovery?

We have a few trainings and opportunities to aid you in doing so:

Calling all young people who want to deepen their own recovery process and learn how to be a resource to others in their recovery journeys!

This special edition of CCAR’s Recovery Coach Academy will be specifically for people between the ages of 18 and 29 years old. Hosted by Lowell House, Inc., and facilitated by Meghann Perry and pAUL aLVES, the training will take place in person in Lowell, MA, and will be followed by CCAR’s Ethical Considerations© and a special workshop by Meghann on Creative Expression. These trainings will provide the first 46 hours of CEU’s for CARC Certification in Massachusetts, as well as fun games and exercises that can be used when working with groups of young people. Scholarships are available! Link for more info and to register:

NO-COST Recovery Coaching Program for individuals who either may be thinking about change or seeking additional recovery support. We can assist with your challenges, what you’d like to accomplish, who or what might be a part of your solution, and what steps you may want to take. We will then walk by your side as you take those steps! See flyer below and feel free to contact us at any time.

FREE Support Flyer for Posting 05 03 22 (2) (1)
Download PDF • 192KB

Here's a little soulful something from the Black Crowes to help us get "Halfway to Everywhere,”

Please, remember to hug your friend.

Thank YOU for Championing Recovery!


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