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  • CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© - MVCS

    Virtual* Recovery Coach Academy© This training is for Martha's Vineyard Community Services staff. The CCAR Recovery Coach Academy is a 5-day intensive training academy designed to provide individuals with an understanding of both the art and science of Recovery Coaching. The CCAR Recovery Coach Academy prepares participants to guide and mentor others in recovery from an addiction to alcohol and or other drugs. By focusing on the goals of the individuals being served, participants will learn the key fundamentals of this rewarding work, which CCAR had identified as actively listening, asking really good questions, and treating people as their own best resource, all while discovering and managing our own stuff. * Virtual Training via Zoom. Computer and internet connection required. CCAR Recovery Coach Academy participants will: · Describe Recovery Coach role and functions · List the components, core values and guiding principles of recovery · Build skills to enhance relationships · Explore many dimensions of recovery and recovery coaching · Discover attitudes about self-disclosure and sharing your story · Understand the stages of recovery · Describe the stages of change and their applications · Increase their awareness of culture, power and privilege · Address ethical and boundaries issues · Experience recovery wellness planning · Practice newly acquired skills This training provides 30 CEUs.

  • Addictions 101.

    Virtual* Addictions 101 Presently, the word “addiction” has unfortunately become a common word in the news and millions of households across the United States. The standard disease model of addiction has become the most commonly adapted understanding as the government’s solution to this epidemic is treatment and medication. In this Addictions 101 course, the participant will have a chance to view addictions from different perspectives while Recoverees are honored for their experience. Having alternative understandings on addiction can facilitate the engagement of Coach and Recoveree while removing barriers to recovery. * Virtual Training via Zoom. Computer and internet connection required. During this workshop, participants will: · Be familiarized with the standard DSM-5 Model of Addiction; · Discuss alternative models of addiction and have opportunity to explore how they can use this information in their role as RC’s; · Examine how addiction is developed and identify how this understanding may inform their work; · Discuss what is “bottom” and the motivators to change; · Outline potential ways to support recoverees transitioning from addiction to recovery; and · Review the potential progression of Recovery. This training provides 6 CEUs.

  • Motivational Interviewing.

    Virtual* Motivational Interviewing In the age of “you are in recovery when you say you are,” discovering a new identity will take a humane approach, allowing for the individual to take action on his/her own terms. Motivational Interviewing allows for the use of a person centered approach in order to elicit the drive leading an individual to take action. This course will present a new perspective on a classic approach to supporting change. * Virtual Training via Zoom. Computer and internet connection required. In this workshop, participants will: · Discuss motivation and what its exploration means as a recovery coach; · Explore new approach to empowering individuals to move through the stages of change; · Practice learned approaches in a supportive environment; and · Analyze the value of making Motivational Interviewing a practice in the role of Recovery Coaching. This training provides 3 CEUs.

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  • Spring Training and Scholarship Opportunities!

    Hello Everyone, If you're a person with lived experience in substance use and/or mental health challenges, and you would like to give back to the community and support others seeking or in recovery, this could be the opportunity you've been waiting for. Allies welcome! CHOiCE Recovery Coaching, Inc. (CRC) is seeking individuals who would like to become Recovery Coaches and enter the field of Addiction Recovery, supporting individuals with Substance Use and/or Mental Health challenges. Does that sound like YOU? Apply to our Scholarship Program! In this Scholarship Program, CRC will provide the full 60 hours of training required for Certification in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as Supervision (free of charge to qualifying applicants) while you begin putting your new skills to use in supporting others and promoting recovery in your community and beyond. This program will require a 6-month commitment (on top of participating in all of the certification classes and supervision) of 4.0 volunteer hours per week minimum. CRC is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization dedicated to Coaching Recovery. Those interested are required to submit a completed Scholarship Program Application, a current resume, and a letter explaining your thoughts on and motivation in becoming a Recovery Coach. (See the buttons below for our History and Application.) What is it that you do to learn about cultures and history other than your own and grow? Here are our available trainings: Infinite Pathways of Recovery Dates: Apr 4 & Apr 5 Total of 2 sessions CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© Dates: Apr 6, Apr 7, Apr 13, Apr 14, & Apr 20 Total of 5 sessions Storytelling for the Recovery Workforce Dates: Apr 11 & Apr 12 Total of 2 sessions CCAR Ethical Considerations© Dates: Apr 21, Apr 27, & Apr 28 Total of 3 sessions Motivational Interviewing Dates: May 8 Total of 1 session Peer Recovery Workforce Supervision Dates: May 10, May 11, May 12, & June 12 Total of 4 sessions Addictions 101 Dates: May 15, & May 16 Total of 2 sessions Exploring Cultural Competency Dates: May 22 Total of 1 session Mental Wellness Dates: May 23 Total of 1 session Ethics for the Recovery Workforce Dates: May 25 & May 26 Total of 2 sessions Thank YOU for Championing Recovery! pAUL aLVES - Founder, RCP, CARC, NCPRSS

  • Black History Month and Recovery

    Hello Everyone, It's February, the shortest month of the year and one with the coolest history ever! As most other humans, yes, I am biased. At the same time, I LOVE peanut butter, ice cream, motors, guitars AND Rock n RoLL! (Ha! Can you blame me?) They were all originally created by African American Inventors! That's right, it's Black History Month! Of course there are countless cool reasons to celebrate black history and here is a link to Oprah's site where we all can learn a little more about it. In seeking greater understanding of Black Culture, someone shared an incredibly enlightening channel with me, "Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man," created and hosted by former NFL linebacker, Emmanuel Accho. What is it that you do to learn about cultures and history other than your own and grow? Here are our available workshops: Peer Recovery Workforce Supervision Dates: Feb 22, & Feb 23, Feb 24, & Mar 24 Total of 4 sessions Ethics for the Recovery Workforce Dates: Mar 6 & Mar 7 Total of 2 sessions Infinite Pathways of Recovery Dates: Apr 4 & Apr 5 Total of 2 sessions Storytelling for the Recovery Workforce Dates: Apr 11 & Apr 12 Total of 2 sessions Coaching and employment opportunities: Peer Recovery Support Specialist South Shore Peer Recovery Email resume and cover letter to And here's Little Richard to help us Celebrate with a "Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On" Thank YOU for Championing Recovery, pAUL aLVES - Founder, RCP, CARC, NCPRSS

  • WROSC in the New Year!

    Season's Greetings Everyone! Yesterday was the first day back to work and it's a short week. It feels like so last year and the reality is so much has happened already! So many NEW things! I moved to a new apartment (for me anyways), in a new town, a newly single dad, some new friends and a new sweater! Exciting stuff (yes, I have actually worn the sweater already)!! As many of us experience, the leftover Ham is done, you've cleaned up the silly string and the holiday lights are coming down. It's raining in the Wild West side of the Commonwealth as I sit down to write and I almost forgot that it's actually the beginning of the year! There's usually some kind of resolution around this time. What is it that you do in order to make it sustainable to the point it becomes your reality? In the recovery world, we put our values up front and act them out every opportunity possible. Not always the easiest thing, especially when the odds may be against you on any random day for no particular reason. Thing is, it's easier said than done on one's own. That's why we have each other. And because of our belief in each other, our belief in this work, our belief in recovery and our working together, Choice Recovery Coaching, Inc. is celebrating our fifth birthday! Five Years as an independent Non Profit 501C 3 organization. The results thus far, BSAS has just announced its awarding of the first Recovery Education Collaborative ever, which we are a part of. Amazing how recovery works! We are committed to making the Commonwealth the greatest Wellness Recovery Oriented System of Care (WROSC) it can be. You know that Recovery IS Real. Give your neighbor a smile, a hand up to the one in need, put your arm around your loved one and take the next step towards your desired reality. Reach out with any of your coaching, training or recovery questions. We'll support you in discovering solutions. Much Gratitude and Recovery to ALL ! Thank YOU for Championing Recovery ! - pAUL aLVES, RCPF, CARC, NCPRSS, Executive Director Five Years by David Bowie: "Pushing through the market square So many mothers sighing (sighing) News had just come over We had five years left to cry in (cry in) News guy wept and told us Earth was really dying (dying) Cried so much his face was wet Then I knew he was not lying (lying)" Job Opportunity: Recovery Coach, UMassMemorial Community Healthlink

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  • Virtual* Recovery 101 | Choice Recovery

    Virtual* Recovery 101 In a time when technology has connected the world like never before, people are more disconnected than ever. In our fast paced society where clinical appointments, as well as treatment episodes, are shorter and shorter, it’s much easier to deduce individuals to their external behaviors than it is to stop, hear and understand an individual’s intent. ​ In order for wellness to thrive, being truly Recovery Oriented is Key. This creates a platform where person centered, forward facing, solutions focused and trauma informed practices are standard. Individuals are guided in addressing what is pressing for them, exploring their own purpose by allowing them their own process, and at the end they find that they themselves have the strengths to attain higher levels than ever before. ​ Choice Recovery Coaching is working on the intersection of community and professional supports so they connect with the individual who has been separated from family, community and ultimately him/herself. We have been connecting with individuals for years and are grateful for the opportunity to support you in understanding this crucial framework. Together we can work towards making Recovery more than a possibility. We can make Recovery THE expectation. The first step will be to spend the day with you focusing on Recovery Basics. * Computer and internet connection required. ​ During this workshop, participants will: Explore your presence and how to use it in support of those around you Formulate a personal meaning of Recovery and outline potential Pathways of Consider how to adapt to diverse populations and events in order to support recovery Put new skills to use ​ ​ Cost: $180 ​ Registration Cut-Off: Monday, February 28th, 2022 at 4 pm EST. Space is limited, so buy now to reserve your spot. ​ Please check your email afterwards for a receipt with registration instructions. Facilitator pAUL aLVES, CARC, NCPRSS ​ Dates & Times Mon. Mar. 7th: 9 am -12:15 pm EST Tues. Mar. 8th: 9 am -12:15 pm EST ​ CEU Hours: 6 Have questions? Contact us: @ Add to Cart Up

  • HOME | Choice Recovery

    We are an independent agency that celebrates all pathways and methods of recovery. Telephone Recovery / Wellness Support call or text: 413-272-8520 email: O ur Mission Our mission for CHOi CE Recovery Coaching is to encourage, guide and assist individuals and their families as they face substance use challenges, thereby developing a culture of recovery with equity and justice, which allows them to foster resilience for themselves and their communities. Learn More Want to Explore Our Trainings? Please see our Training Shop for trainings currently available for registration. Thank you! Up

  • Virtual* Ethics for the Recovery Workfor | Choice Recovery

    Virtual* Ethics for the Recovery Workforce This workshop is grounded in the current reality that is NOW. Loss of purpose, social unrest and mental distress are all major factors in the modern world where both decisions have to be made and actions taken at a faster pace than ever before. As the roles of frontline workers continue to be refined and redefined, it is pertinent that ethical standards remain at the forefront of their daily practices. This training will help recovery coaches, social workers, law enforcement, fire departments, counselors, EMTs, nurses, as well as other frontline staff, recognize how ethics play a crucial part in their daily roles and help build upon their ethical capacities. * Computer and internet connection required. ​ During this workshop, participants will: Explore their personal challenges with ethics Identify challenges in their current professional environment Be introduced to Core Ethical Concepts through a relational framework Review personal as well as organizational ethical approaches in relationship to their work Apply a relational behavioral ethical approach in their personal and professional lives Practice ethical leadership in a supportive environment ​ ​ Cost: $150 ​ Registration Cut-Off: Monday, February 21st, 2022 at 4 pm EST. Space is limited, so buy now to reserve your spot. ​ Please check your email afterwards for a receipt with registration instructions. Facilitator pAUL aLVES , CARC, NCPRSS ​ ​ Dates & Times Mon. Feb. 28th: 9 am – 11:45 am EST Tues. Mar. 1st: 9 am – 11:45 am EST ​ CEU Hours: 6 Have questions? Contact us: @ Add to Cart Up

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