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Recovery Coach Academy©for Young People©

To enhance the skills of those individuals who will be supporting Youth and Young People on their re

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We have an exciting new training opportunity to share with you! Meghann Perry and Paul Alves of Choice Recovery Coaching are teaming up again to offer a virtual CCAR Recovery Coach Academy for Young People©. CCAR has developed the newly revised Recovery Coach Academy©for Young People© to enhance the skills of those individuals who will be supporting Youth and Young People on their recovery journey. Provided in a retreat-like environment, this training strongly equips participants by helping them to actively listen, ask powerful questions, and to become aware of and manage any challenges or barriers within themselves that interfere with their ability to help others on the journey of recovery. This is open to EVERYONE – people in recovery, family members, friends and allies. Much like the journey of recovery, this training offers a transformational experience and you will leave with the skills necessary to have a lasting impact on young people's lives. You will also be able to apply your new Recovery Coaching skills with people of all ages. Are you already a Recovery Coach? Add value to your practice with this training focused on coaching Young People, including many new modules not included in RCA. In addition, it's an excellent refresher on the basics and a powerful tool for new self-awareness about your own coaching practice. Participants in this course will learn to: Describe the roles and functions of a recovery coach List the fundamental principles of recovery coaching Explore different definitions and pathways of recovery Build communication skills to enhance relationships Discover attitudes about self-disclosure & sharing your story Understand the role of belief systems and values in the coaching relationship Describe the different roles and applications for recovery coaching Increase awareness of culture, power & privilege Address ethical & boundary issues Experience recovery wellness planning Practice newly acquired skills January 17-20, 2023, 9:00 am-3:00 pm, via ZOOM. $500 per person including manual $300 for those 26 and under Young people and students are encouraged! 30 Credit Hours for MA Recovery Coach Certification/Recertification Facilitators: Meghann Perry RCPF CARC and pAUL aLVES RCPF CARC NCPRSS REGISTER HERE:

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