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Increase your efficacy as a Recovery Professional
with the intentional, skilled use of your life experience!

Starts Dec 12 Thru Dec 13


Virtual Classes

Service Description

Virtual* Storytelling for the Recovery Workforce

Stories have great power. From Cave Art to Tik Tok, humans have been communicating through stories for centuries. In our work with people in or seeking recovery, our stories are the gold that create and sustain our connection to each other. From validating our recoveree’s experiences to offering solutions, hope and motivation, our stories have unlimited applications in our work. The question is, HOW are our stories used to help others? How are they impacting the listener? And how about the teller? What’s the possibility of iatrogenic harm?


In this training, we’ll explore how culture impacts our personal art of storytelling. We’ll discover how stories are being received versus the impact that can ultimately benefit the listener, while also discussing how Recovery Values and Recovery Coach Roles can inform personal story sharing. Using this newfound clarity, we will have the opportunity to practice fashioning personal stories to support our peer roles.


This training is appropriate for anyone working with people with problematic substance use or mental health challenges for whom story sharing is part of the role. It is not necessary to be in personal recovery from these challenges in order to use our lived experience to be an effective storyteller!


Upon completion of this program, Participants will be able to:

  • Discuss their relationship to storytelling and its role in their work;.

  • Evaluate the impact of culture on story sharing and listening;.

  • Define their personal culture of storytelling and recognize how their stories are perceived by others;

  • Articulate how to best select and shape personal stories to achieve specific goals;

  • Apply Recovery Coach Roles and Recovery Values to story sharing; and

  • Practice story creation using new perspectives within a recovery support context.




Meghann Perry, RCPF, CARC


6.0 CEUs are accepted for:

Massachusetts CARC Recovery Coach Certification/recertification

CCAR's Recovery Coach Professional RCP Certification/recertification

*Pending approval for ASAP-NYCB certification for CRPA and CARC Recovery Coaches









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