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Recovery Coach/Peer Certification Trainings

During this time of uncertainty, community plays a

critical role in people’s wellness.


If you find yourself preoccupied, alone, having negative thoughts, unfocused, unsure of your next steps or simply wanting someone to have a recovery conversation with, Choice Recovery Coaching is here for you.


Whether you are looking to explore your possibilities, connect with another individual or want support re-connecting with yourself, we have a Recovery Coach for you. We believe that everyone has the ability to recover because YOU CAN!




    6 CEUs

You can work with CRC at any stage of your recovery,
whether you’re active in your undesired behavior(s) or you have some time abstinent.


It takes great courage to reach this point of seeking support for your well-being. We commend you for that!

A recovery coach can support you in your reconnection to self that will uncover the motivation needed to take that next step forward.

The peer recovery model is person driven. That means YOU are the expert of your own experience and only you can take that step. It is YOUR recovery. Your recovery coach can help you explore what this means, what you want it to look like, what steps do you want to take and which path you want to take in order to get there, walking alongside you the whole way. The best way to go is forward and you don’t have to do it alone.



We also work with families and friends who wish to support their loved ones through the challenging time of their transformation.

Families are guided to learn how to be a positive, non-enabling part of the process, while practicing self-care. This can make you a crucial component of your loved one’s recovery capital, an asset to the whole family.


Work with Us

Change is never easy, regardless of the circumstances.

When it comes to drugs and alcohol, the risks multiply.

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