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Community & Workforce Development Trainings

Whether you’re an individual looking to be more desirable in the eyes of a potential employer or an agency looking to build your recovery workforce, Choice Recovery Coaching has the solution for you.

Our curricula can sharpen your communication and engagement skillset in order to work with both individuals as well as the organizations you seek to connect with.

Organizationally, how recovery oriented is your organization? What do the stages of recovery look like for the individuals you serve? How do you support individuals and communities alike in obtaining and developing recovery capital?


How do recovery supports integrate with:

  •  the clinical model within your programs?

  •  the criminal justice systems you work within?

  •  the Division of Child and Family Services systems?

  •  your community center and coalition programs?

  •  your jail diversion programs?

  •  your family support programs?

  •  And others?

Peers are a focal point in today’s addiction and mental health recovery worlds where connection is the key. The recovery is not yours but the responsibility in providing these services is. We are here for you at any points in your development and provision of recovery support services.

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC)
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