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Good News: Recovery IS Real!!

It's Springtime! It feels good to go outside!

And, what a wonderful time to be alive!

I'm writing to you from Boston Logan Airport where I was just pulled aside and "scanned" for chemicals. As the TSA person is scanning the palms of my hands, I point to my hoodie, which wonderfully reads, "Recovery is Real" (by Apparel Kingz) and I tell him, "It's been 15 years!" He smiled and congratulated me as he let me know that they are also looking for explosives. I smiled back at him and let him know that I was psyched to be alive and am looking forward to more of that!

It's been a few years since we've had a Recovery Conference in the Commonwealth and this month, we at Choice Recovery Coaching are incredibly humbled by BSAS' decision to name the conference "Infinite Pathways of Recovery and Wellness" after our groundbreaking curricula, Infinite Pathways of Recovery, authored by Meghann Perry of Revolution Recovery and myself.

It will be a FULL day event with an incredible array of workshops as well as national speakers! It will be a super fun day to be inspired by countless other folks championing recovery all around! We can't wait to meet you there!


Choice Recovery Coaching is happy to announce that we have launched our scholarship program! We will be interviewing applicants for the program quarterly for our series of recovery coach trainings. Know anyone that might be a perfect match to enter the Recovery Workforce? Those interested are required to submit a completed Scholarship Program Application, a current resume, and a letter explaining your thoughts on and motivation in becoming a Recovery Coach.


CHOiCE Recovery Coaching is Hiring! We are seeking a full-time Executive Assistant. See Job Description by clicking the button below:


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